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Tortilis Camp Serengeti

„For as long as you are here with us, your safari adventure never stops…“

Named after the distinctive Tortilis tree of the Serengeti, Tortilis Camp combines comfort with the sense of wilderness, the sense of freedom and the sense of being ‘right there’. You relax in the camp after the excitement of the day. The safari-camp will be truly unforgettable for you. Set in the heart of nature, the camp is designed to look after you, while you tune in to the very heartbeat of Africa: the sounds, the scents, the sights of Serengeti’s ‘endless plains’ could not be closer. Dine, sleep, relax and know that the best of Africa’s natural wonders is knocking gently on your door.

Staying in a tent may not immediately suggest comfort, but Serengeti Tortilis Camp will surprise you. Each tent is designed with your relaxation in mind, equipped with comfortable king-size or twin beds and featuring en suite facilities such as shower, hand-basin and flush toilet. Fully-lit by solar lights, you’ll soon forget that you’re in a tent, forget that you’re in the Serengeti. But not for long… the sounds, sights and smells of Africa are just on the other side of the canvas.

You may be out on safari, but you can still dine in style. At Serengeti Tortilis Camp, they do their best to ensure that the cuisine is second-to-none. It is a tented camp, but the dining experience they provide will hopefully exceed your expectations. The cooks are magicians, conjuring up some unexpected delights for you, even here in the wilds of Africa. You’ll marvel at Serengeti’s finest wildlife, while the team back at the camp, prepare your meals to truly savour. Enjoy it!

There is a relaxing bar at Serengeti Tortilis Camp, called ‘The Waterhole“ for enjoying a beer, a gin & tonic or whatever else you prefer.
The Lounge is the perfect place for some reflection, some contemplation after your adventures. ‘Getting away from it all” takes on a whole new significance when you’re out in the heart of Africa. The stresses of the world are nowhere to be found, your thoughts are yours alone. Perhaps a roaming animal might interrupt your gaze, reminding you that you’re relaxing in one of Nature’s most incredible settings.

Sit back, sink in to a soft chair and feast your eyes on the Serengeti’s plains.


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