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Checklist for Kilimanjaro Climbing

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Travel Documents
• Passport with Tanzania Visa
• Yellow fever certificate
• Copies of the passport, TZ visa, airline tickets/schedule and travelers cheque numbers. Leave a copy with someone at home and put a copy in a separate place in your luggage.
• Airline tickets • Credit cards, travelercheque, cash, Cash money and cheque, cash about 500 USD (USD 130 – 160 you should spend for tips => depending from the hiking time and members of the team)

Essential Items
• Trekking bag, kitbag or robust hold all (waterproof)
• Day backpack, 20-35l, large enough to carry your water, camera, raincoat, lunch pack, snacks & warm clothing
• belt, to fix things at the backpack
• ski pole or walking sticks
• small travel bag, to deposit your extra gear at the hotel
• sleeping bag, about 1000 g down feathers, up to -25 /-10 degrees with waterproof bag around
• Thermarest pads
• Kilimanjaro map

High Altitude Gear
• Down jacket or ski parka (for temperatures well below freezing point plus wind)
• Rain jacket, needed in hot rainforest and cold snow
• Rain pants, needed in hot rainforest and cold snow and for the summit day
• 1x Fleece pullover (Polar Tec 300) or Fleece jacket
• 2x Fleece shirts long-sleeved (Polar Tec 200-300)
• 2x Trekking pants, long (Zip-pant with removable legs)
• Long Underwear, we recommend thermal underwear with „wicking“ properties
• Woolen socks for colder conditions
• Sock liners to wick away moisture
• Wool or pile hat
• Mittens and/or gloves (waterproof, one thin pair, one thick pair, that can be layered)
• Insulating-glove covers
• Hand and foot warmers (chemical activated)
• Balaclava or neck gaitor
• Drinking bottle out of aluminum or2x bag each 1,5 Liter with drinking tube(maybe labeled with your name)
• Thermos-bottle out of aluminum, both together at least 2 liters minimum, very good for summit day, maybe labeled with your name)
• Gaitor, protection against coldness

Hiking Gear
• 4x T-Shirts
• Shorts
• Regular underwear
• General clothing for Arrival and Departure, another clean T-Shirt for departure

Foot Wear
• Trekking shoes for hiking during the day, preferable warm, waterproof and with ankle support + alternative bootlaces. Please make sure that you use them before you climb the Mount Kilimanjaro
• Tennis shoes or light sandals for lounging in the evening  • Hiking socks for warmer conditions

• Sun/lip with high protection
• Sun hatwith brim
• Sun glasses
• Alternative sunglasses / lenses
• Bandana
• Personal Toiletries: toilet paper, small towel, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, handi-wipes, hand sanitizer, lotion, comb, mirror
• Headlamp or flashlight (bring extra sets for headlamp/flashlight and camera, as cold weather shortens their life, alternative bulb)
• Light pocket knife (with scissor) andlighter • altimeter • binoculars

Personal Items
• notebook, pencil and pen
• electricity adapter
• Tea candles (can also warm up your tent)
• Neck pouch or belt for documents, money …      Medical and First Aid Supplies
• Malarone, Ibuprofen, insect repellent, plaster
• Imodium
• Water filter or iodine purification tablets!!!
• painkillers

Optional Items
• Drinks with electolytes
• Energy bars, hard candy, snacks, glucose  and comfort food
• Foto/Video

  • We recommend 3 charged batteries, due to coldness they discharge very fast
  • Protect further objectives from humidity
  • Maybe waterproof camera for rainy days
  • Please get in touch with the handling, if you buy a new camera only for Mount Kilimanjaro climbing
  • Alternative batteries for video camera
  • Bag for the video camera, to separate the battery from the camera
  • Maybe a small weatherproof camera for the summit day (the climbers are tired, it is cold, but with a small camera you might have some good snapshots)
  • Reflex camera is highly recommended
  • Panorama lens makes the landscape and the camping more lively

• Literature
• 2-3 bags for dirty clothes
• Further plastic bag with zipper, to separate wet things from dry things in your back-pack

Download PDF

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